The art of making your home look nice in 2022

The art of making your home look nice in 2022

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Whether you're living, looking or moving, the apartment or your house must need decoration, if it isn't well decorated then lots of space will be wasted and it wont look as good as it suppose to be.

The first thing you can do when located in new house, you can research about the current trend, like how your furniture will be or which color tone you want to use for your house. 

Today we will talk about the three color tone which you can choose from 2022 for your home decoration,


brown ceramic coffee mug on book

I feel like this color tone has the comfort zone with rich tones which, mixture of red, green, pink and blue is goes really well with the decoration, we can even add a slight of white color to lighten the shade. Peach color can add balance and serenity to any space.


 caramel (14)

Seeing warm, earthy tones like caramels can bring your happy mood anyday, It goes well with the charocoal, black and rust tones alltogether. Mix it up with oatmeal and greige for a lighter look or bring in charcoal and black for a moodly hue.


The energy and optimism of magenta provides is the perfection to the subdued climate that has dominated our lives for well over two year, It is the most bold colors that drive us forward with confidence, it is stunning when mixed with almost any rich color. Use it as a shot of happiness.

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